Beni Rug 512


Moroccan Rug
Curated by The Gardener's House
** furnished room and 'in situ' images are for design inspiration only


  • dimensions:  6'2" x 8'8" ft /// 188.97 x 268.22 cm
The pulsing life of vintage Moroccan rugs is found in the roiling vortexes of line and color, in delicate pointillist movements, and in the almost lyrical play of form and space. Striking, unconventional compositions reflect all the joy and drama and sublime spirituality of small town life. But also, the close proximity of nature. The most radical, abstract Moroccan rug styles call to mind a Saharan oasis at dawn, an Atlas mountain sunrise, a shimmering valley stream in late afternoon, a walk along a craggy mountain path to the village well, or a bowl of cous-cous. The colors of earth and sunlight, loosely interpreted with subtle harmonies and bold contrasts.
The Berber woman's unconscious experimentation with the changing mood and light of her immediate environment can been seen in the most superb examples of the Moroccan rug. As in the finest examples of modern art, the Moroccan rug presents a kind of direct relationship between the outer world and emotional sensitivities of the weaver. In the visual poetry of the Moroccan rug, the Berber woman creates a light-filled atmosphere through an identification with nature and its rhythm, and by tapping that spiritual connection with the subconscious that allows her to express herself in her own language.

Special Design Requests
If you would like a design that is not in our catalog, or if there's a rug you've been dreaming about, let us know. Message us with your photos, sketches, or ideas and we'll be happy to help you realize your vision. 
We now offer the ability to draw your own rug. Visit the link below and download the rug blank. You can either - download, print, draw, upload, and message us. Or - download, photoshop, and message us. And if you run into challenges with either of those options, connect with us and show us your napkin sketch, doodle on a scrap paper, or whatever you've got. We'll help you make your idea come to life. 
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Special Size Requests
Is your room uniquely shaped? Do you need a size that is not listed? Message us with your custom size request, and we'll create a unique listing for you so you can place your order. 


The size and orientation of a rug should serve the purpose of making a room feel connected. Larger rooms have different needs than small ones. Allow the room to dictate the size of your rug. Good interior design suggests that a rug should extend at least 6 to 12 inches, or for large spaces, 12 to 18 inches beyond the furniture it's underneath. There is also the suggestion to leave approximately 18 to 24 inches between the perimeter of the rug and the walls. Size is crucial to design structure. A room that is successfully anchored accommodates the desired seating area, rather then the whole room. 

A great rug can be fundamental and transformative. The rug is going to make a statement and set the tone, whether it be a cheap standard or a finely crafted investment. You will want that statement to say something about your style. Ideally, you want the rug to anchor and elevate your design.
Designers use Moroccan Beni rugs to dazzling effect. There are inspiring ways to showcase rugs everywhere in the house. From the best of these, we can easily see why a beautiful Moroccan rug is the crucial element - the attention grabber that dictates the mood and design for the rest of the space. 
Some living rooms are only there to be viewed, and are not to be used or even touched. In most cases, you will want a rug that can do double and even triple duty. Who doesn’t want a touch of glamour and dramatic expression to keep the energy flowing? Cozy comfort and durability are also at the top of the list of requirements for an area rug. There are two types of rugs that have the potential to serve all purposes - an all-wool hand knotted rug and a woolen flat weave. 

The Gardener’s House was born of a profound respect for sumptuous and vibrant nature -  for travel, architecture, literature, and art. We are a luxury brand for the taste-maker. We have a penchant for contrasting raw and refined elegance, for blending sophistication and spontaneity. We believe history and nature are the best designers. And we think interiors that play with culture, and with raw, natural beauty are the most beautiful. Our admiration of the modern art masters has inspired us to choose sinuous contours and intense line drama to express the joy and serenity inspired by grand nature. An appreciation of the depth and mystery of the garden is at the heart of everything we do. It is the foundation of our hand selected vintage collections, and of every canvas we create.

Formerly PINK RUG Co.
Formerly known by the name Pink Rug Co., we offer chic vintage Moroccan rugs that conform to the sleek minimalist style that ruled during the mid-20th century. And now we also specialize in the sumptuous vintage-washed custom Beni Ourain - a stunning example of the style, talent and creative forces of weavers perched on a rolling hill in the Beni Ourain mountains. Modern, timeless and joyfully abstract, our hand-selected collection of Boucherouite and definitive custom Beni Ourain embody the luxurious minimalist style that made regional rugs prized design accessories with Le Corbusier and the modernists.
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Rugs ship safely and securely from Marrakesh, Morocco by DHL. Rugs are guaranteed to arrive to you. All rugs are washed before shipping. So please allow 2 weeks for us to prepare your rug after purchase. Transit time is about a week to anywhere in the world. Customs duties depend on country. The US has a free trade agreement with Morocco.

We are a small business and are not equipped at this time to handle returns. Once an item has been purchased, it is considered final sale. Ultimately, it is our goal that you love and are confident in your purchase. The rug will arrive freshly washed, and any routine reparations are done just before shipping. The rug will arrive clean and in excellent vintage condition. Unless rugs are damaged during shipping, all sales are final. Please ask all questions before buying, and review photos carefully.
** PLEASE NOTE: furnished room and 'in situ' images are for design inspiration only, and do not depict the rug listed here. the first and main gallery image is the truest depiction of the rug in this listing.