Custom Beni Ourain 306


A hand knotted and oh-so-soft Beni Ourain rug. This plush pile will add warmth, comfort, and style to your space. Now you can choose your ideal size in a cozy, traditionally crafted Moroccan rug, inspired by and modeled directly on a vintage one. This charming, all wool carpet will be hand woven especially to your size selection after you make purchase. 


  • 1" rug thickness
  • Hand-knotted, handwoven wool
  • Individually made on a loom
  • Handmade in Morocco, at the foot of the Beni Ourain mountains. Due to the handcrafted nature, expect slight variation in each unique piece.
  • A Moroccan Berber rug takes about four to eight weeks to complete. Please allow forty-five days to sixty-five days to receive. 
  • A rug pad is recommended to prevent slippage and to protect your floor
  • Shedding is a normal process that occurs with hand woven, natural fiber rugs; Regular vacuuming will cause this to subside after approx. 8 weeks
  • Hand knotted rugs are very sturdy and can be vacuumed with the brush down; Vacuuming will only soften and refine the rug.
  • Spot clean with a clean, absorbent white cloth. Use a one to four ratio of colorless shampoo and warm water. 
  • Professionally clean for best results


🌿 Why buy a Moroccan-inspired rug made in India, when you can buy a Moroccan rug made in Morocco?

The question to ask is, why would anyone want a Moroccan Beni Ourain made in India? That is exactly where each of the major home fashion retailers are making their rugs. Why are retailers making their Moroccan-inspired rugs in India? Because their mass produced rugs can be made more cheaply, using quick, cheap methods of production. Just because a rug is beautiful to look at, does not mean that a lot of time or skill was put into it. A rug can be high quality, and mass produced, and made in India using time and cost cutting methods. But it will never be an heirloom. It will not last that long.

🌿Major retailers offering hand knotted rugs for a Made-In-China price?

Some retailers have begun offering hand knotted rugs for a mass-produced price. This should indicate to you that child or prison labor was used - if a rug is made in India, China, or Bangladesh, you can be certain that it is one of the two. Be sure to ask that major home retailer which country the rug was made in, and whether the frame-stretched fabric backing was machine made. "The True Cost" is a groundbreaking documentary detailing precisely these practices. 

By contrast, our rugs are hand made from start to finish by Moroccan women village women, well over legal age, who are skilled in the traditions of their own culture and are a paid fair trade amount for each unique piece. 

🌿Individually hand knotted in Morocco

Our custom-size Moroccan rugs are individually-made in Morocco, in the Beni Ourain mountains. Our weavers use the traditional method of hand-weaving on a loom with a hand-knotted pile. When you buy a custom rug from us, real Moroccan women - living in present times - earn a fair trade living from their own traditions. 

🌿 Hand tufted vs. hand knotted

"Tufted by hand" is not the same as hand knotted. "Hand tufted" is one of the processes used to create fake Moroccan rugs in India. A tool called a "tufting gun" is used to shoot the pile through a hand-woven or machine-made canvas. The rug takes a fraction of the time to make, therefore greatly reducing the cost. This process does not require the same skill level as hand-knotting. 

🌿 The real deal: style and authenticity 

When a retailer says a rug is made of hand woven wool and imported - but does not offer the specific process used or the name of the country the rug has been imported from - you should understand that the rug is made in India. By comparison, our rugs are individually hand knotted in Morocco by skilled artisans using traditional methods. 

"Hand woven wool" is not the same as as hand knotted wool. The hand-tying of knots is a very labour-intensive task. Weaving a hand-knotted rug requires a lot of skill and time to produce. An average weaver can tie about 10,000 knots per day. So, if a rug is individually woven by artisans, using hand-knotting, with a production time of four to eight weeks, that detail should be mentioned.