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Libellule Beni Rug

Steeped in elegance and a luxury you can see and feel, our handmade rugs will become the soul of any room you place them in. They are alive with history, culture, and modernity. Bring luxury home in the form of a sumptuous vintage-washed custom Beni rug that has been infused with energy and character. Selective design and sparse composition highlight the natural beauty of the lush fleecy ground. These rugs are a stylistic paradox, with striking designs that are ancient yet ageless. The sink-in pile is entirely hand made of luxurious, thick wool. Every knot has been hand tied to create gorgeous, simple designs manifested by an ancient craft. 
Good design helps us live and feel better. A bespoke Moroccan rug is an investment in your uniquely personal style and artistic expression. Because you choose the design and size, your rug will be one of a kind, just like you. It will be suited to your creative mind and sense of adventure, fitted to the environment you have made your home. A custom rug is the best way to ensure you get the correct size, and statement about your personality. Taking the time to have a bespoke rug made for your home will show an attention to detail that many may not have. You need not be possessed of creative confidence to know what you love and what brings you joy. Make your home an exclusive gallery, a signature showcase of your own original life experience and unique consciousness. There is no such thing as normal or special. We make our own special when we dare to express our own formidable point of view.
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Product Details
    • Weave: Knotted
    • Masterfully woven from premium sheep's wool on traditional Moroccan hand looms
    • Hand spun yarns are hand washed to bring out the beauty and character of the natural wool
    • Hand sheared to 1" pile length for organic texture, substance, and depth
    • Hand-bound ends are finished with hand-twisted tassels
    • In the Moroccan tradition, the rug is triple washed with organic soaps and water to refine and soften the wool, and then sun-dried for beauty and freshness
    • Suitable for medium traffic areas
    • 100% sheep's wool; loomed on pure wool.
    • 4 - 6" fringe not included in dimensions
    • Given the rug's handcrafted nature, slight variation in shading and size are inherent to the design.
    • A Moroccan Berber rug takes about eight to twelve weeks complete. Larger sizes may require up to fourteen weeks.
    • A rug pad is recommended to prevent slippage and to protect your floor
    • Shedding is a normal process that occurs with hand woven, natural fiber rugs; Regular vacuuming will cause this to subside after approximately eight weeks
    • Hand knotted Moroccan rugs are very durable and can be vacuumed regularly. Vacuuming will only soften and refine the rug.
    • Spot clean with a clean, absorbent white cloth. Use a one to ten ratio of colorless shampoo and warm water. 
    • Professionally clean for best results
    • More about the care of our hand knotted rugs.  
Your rug is made entirely by hand from 100% sheep's wool loomed on pure natural wool. This means there will be natural texture and rich variations in color and pattern. These beautiful variations make each rug truly authentic and uniquely yours. 
Traditional Moroccan rugs feature tassels only on one side. Tassel length is characteristically between 4–6". We've given you the option of choosing a rug with tassels, or without. Simply choose your preferred finish from the dropdown, and we'll take care of it! 
Lead Time
All of our custom designs are made to order and one of a kind. Each one is woven entirely by hand, crafted from start to finish as a team effort by a community of shepherds and weavers. Due to high demand, our current lead times runs between eight to twelve weeks. Our largest rug offerings may require up to fourteen weeks. 


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Special Design Requests
If you would like a design that is not in our catalog, or if there's a rug you've been dreaming about, let us know. Message us with your photos, sketches, or ideas and we'll be happy to help you realize your vision. 
We now offer the ability to draw your own rug. Visit the link below and download the rug blank. You can either - download, print, draw, upload, and message us. Or - download, photoshop, and message us. And if you run into challenges with either of those options, connect with us and show us your napkin sketch, doodle on a scrap paper, or whatever you've got. We'll help you make your idea come to life. 


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Special Size Requests
Is your room uniquely shaped? Do you need a size that is not listed? Message us with your custom size request, and we'll create a unique listing for you so you can place your order. 


The size and orientation of a rug should serve the purpose of making a room feel connected. Larger rooms have different needs than small ones. Allow the room to dictate the size of your rug. Good interior design suggests that a rug should extend at least 6 to 12 inches, or for large spaces, 12 to 18 inches beyond the furniture it's underneath. There is also the suggestion to leave approximately 18 to 24 inches between the perimeter of the rug and the walls. Size is crucial to design structure. A room that is successfully anchored accommodates the desired seating area, rather then the whole room. 

A great rug can be fundamental and transformative. The rug is going to make a statement and set the tone, whether it be a cheap standard or a finely crafted investment. You will want that statement to say something about your style. Ideally, you want the rug to anchor and elevate your design.
Designers use Moroccan Beni rugs to dazzling effect. There are inspiring ways to showcase rugs everywhere in the house. From the best of these, we can easily see why a beautiful Moroccan rug is the crucial element - the attention grabber that dictates the mood and design for the rest of the space. 
Some living rooms are only there to be viewed, and are not to be used or even touched. In most cases, you will want a rug that can do double and even triple duty. Who doesn’t want a touch of glamour and dramatic expression to keep the energy flowing? Cozy comfort and durability are also at the top of the list of requirements for an area rug. There are two types of rugs that have the potential to serve all purposes - an all-wool hand knotted rug and a woolen flat weave. 


A Tradition of Luxury
There is a region in the Middle Atlas of Morocco where descendants of the Berbers have been creating contemporary rugs the same way they have done for centuries. The rugs are made one knot at a time by dexterous hands skilled in age old methods once carried across the Mediterranean basin from the cradle of civilization. We're excited to bring this rug tradition to you in a charming bespoke collection of modern gallery designs imbued with the spirit of abstract and individual expressionism.
When you place your unique order, we hand it over to our talented weavers who hand select all of the wool used in the weaving process. The foundation of our rugs is premium highest quality wool skillfully spun by hand and hand washed to enhance the natural beauty of this organic material. Our weavers have mastered the labor-intensive process of ensuring that only the best materials are used to create our rugs. Our premium wool is the foundation for the luxuriously thick, plush, soft texture of our rugs.


Style and Authenticity
At The Gardener's House, we honor the pace of nature and the fruit of patience. No shortcuts are taken for the sake of mass production. Your highest quality custom rug will be hand knotted in Morocco, by a community of shepherds and weavers working together as a team. One very important difference between a bespoke custom rug made by our weavers in Morocco and one sold by a major retailer is that your purchase will support the people to whom belongs this ancient tradition, and not a mass producer of quickly made replicas in India, Nepal, or China. We pay our weavers double the market wage for their work, and our weavers are the real bosses around here, women earning well above the average income for equivalent work in their region. And they even decide which rugs they will weave. Our custom rugs are individually hand knotted in Morocco by masterful artisans using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Here in Morocco, our weavers are making rugs the same way they have done for centuries. "Hand woven wool" is not the same as hand knotted wool. The hand-tying of knots is an extremely labour-intensive task. Weaving a hand-knotted rug requires mastery of a skill, but also time. An average weaver can tie about 10,000 knots per day.