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Beni Ourain Rug. 7'10" x 6'2"


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BENI OURAIN RUG D28, Size 7'10" x 6'2"

🌿 BENI OURAIN Rugs are handwoven on looms, using a decades old technique and natural, undyed wool. The wool is highest grade, gathered from sheep raised over summer pastures on the high slopes of the Beni Ourain territory.

The Beni Ourain rug was born in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco as method of cover during snowy winter months. What we know as the Beni Ourain rug is actually a thick, densely woven, furry blanket used by nomadic shepherds for warmth and cover. The thick, long strands of wool and dense weave call to mind a white bearskin.

🌿 NOTES ABOUT COLOR ( Please read )

Snow-white ivory Beni Ourain do not exist. Even the whitest Icelandic sheepskin pelt has cream tips. This is the lanolin, which protects the wool. Moroccan sheep and Icelandic sheep could not be further apart geographically, however. Moroccan sheep are cream colored. And any photo that shows you differently is not depicting the true color. Beni Ourain are cream colored by tradition, and by accident of nature.

For nomadic shepherds of the Middle Atlas Morocco, the Beni Ourain rug serves as warmth in winter and decoration in summer. Inspired by the snowy, rocky fields and mountain streams that characterize her mountain landscape, a Beni Ourain woman will express her worldview on a field of cream, with decoration in delicate lines of henna brown and dark sable. The Beni Ourain rug is constructed using the typical Berber knot, which encircles two strands of the warp instead of one, making the rug particularly plush and supple.

The most iconic Beni Ourain are characterized by a highly irregular and discontinuous design, a reflection of the weaver's nomadic lifestyle and current emotional state. The immediacy and sincerity of design are what make the Beni Ourain such a beauty to behold. Each quietly elegant rug speaks to that place inside of all of us that yearns to live peacefully and free.

The age of a Beni Ourain is determined in part by the delicacy and intricacy of pattern. Older Beni Ourain speak with more eloquence, the design being more exquisite and subtle. Contemporary Beni Ourain of 20 to 30 years age tend to be more minimalistic and straightforward, more logical in pattern and motif.

Beni Ourain were never created wider than 6 to 7 feet (1.80 m to 2.15 m). The width of a Beni Ourain traditionally has been determined directly by the length of a human body. And its length, determined by the amount of wool rug required to cover two bodies lying side by side, each person folding one end of the rug over himself for warmth.

🌿 formerly PINK RUG Co.
Formerly known by the name Pink Rug Co., we offer chic vintage Moroccan rugs that conform to the sleek minimalist style that ruled during the mid-20th century. And now we also specialize in the sumptuous vintage-washed custom Beni Ourain - a stunning example of the style, talent and creative forces of weavers perched on a rolling hill in the Beni Ourain mountains. Modern, timeless and joyfully abstract, our hand-selected collection of Boucherouite and definitive custom Beni Ourain embody the luxurious minimalist style that made regional rugs prized design accessories with Le Corbusier and the modernists.

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