For all custom rugs, weaving and preparation time is about 4 to 8 weeks depending on size and design detail. Small and average sized rugs take between 3 to 5 weeks to weave. Larger rugs can take up to 8 weeks. Once the rug has arrived to us from the weavers, we wash and sun dry to ensure it will arrive to you clean and fresh. Please understand that occasionally there are delays due to backorders, seasons of high demand, and quality checking. 

Please know that we supplement shipping on all rug sizes. For example, the true cost to ship a rug 13' feet x 17' to 20' will arrive at $700 to $900 usd. The cost to ship averaged sized rugs of 6' x 9' or 7' x 10' feet regularly arrives at $150 to $190. We supplement the shipping to provide the most fair and reasonable costs to the buyer.

Also, our weavers are fantastic! They do wonderful work and we pay a fair trade payment to them each time we commission a rug. They are a group of women who work together on each rug taking turns at the loom. Each one is highly skilled in traditional Moroccan rug weaving. 

All custom rugs are hand woven, hand knotted on a loom. Several women alternate turns at the loom. Due to the hand crafted nature of each custom rug, you can expect slight variations in size and design in each individually created piece. A newly made, hand woven rug is not like a vintage one. Your custom rug will have a freshness that will be immediately apparent.