How durable is a custom Beni Ourain rug?

With regular cleaning, a hand knotted Moroccan rug will last for decades. Traditionally, these rugs are taken outside and shaken once a week. This can be impractical if you have a larger rug, or if you live in an apartment. But weekly vacumming can be just as effective. Establish routine vacumming with the brush on high, and clean from side to side, rather than end to end. If you have a spill, treat it quickly by using a dry cloth to soak up the liquid. Then clean the spot with warm water and a few drops of clear shampoo without any dyes. Rub with a white, damp, absorbent cloth. If you have a build up of dirt from years of use, we recommend that you have your rug professionally cleaned by a knowledgable cleaner. Our hand knotted Moroccan rugs are made of 100% wool, from the mountains of Morocco. The lanolin in the wool naturally protects the pile from staining. All it takes from these rugs to be reinvigorated is a thorough wash and a place where the rug can sun dry. 

100% wool hand knotted Moroccan rugs