Dear valued client, We are a tiny but mighty business, and you could not have purchased from a better company. We remain 150% committed to your satisfaction during this strange period of history. And, although we have been greatly affected - The King of Morocco has forcibly ordered all businesses shuttered, all shipping agents to stop shipping, and all artisans to stop working - we operate with no overhead. This means, our ship will continue to sail, as long as we have good, loyal clients like you, who support small businesses with an open heart and a bit of patience during the weeks ahead. We will never forget you and our obligation to you. And we will be very excited to see your rug completed and shipped to you the moment that things have normalized. You will not regret your patience once you see what we have created for you - custom hand-knotted luxury, an heir-loom quality masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship. On behalf of all of our weavers in the smallest but happiest villages of Morocco, I wish you, your teams, and your loved ones health and safety! Sunny greetings from Marrakesh and beyond, Amber
Our rugs have a high production cost and are extremely labor intensive. We use highest quality wool, and pay fair trade wages to our skillful weavers. Unlike the major retailers who inflate their prices to "every-other-week-a-sale" levels so that they can then flood your inbox with almost daily reminders of their existence, we price our rugs competitively because we want every buyer who comes to the site to be reasonably able to afford a custom rug. In the past, although we do not offer discounts of any kind, our prices are lower than any rug house offering similar services. And once things have normalized, we will return to this straight-forward and honest method of pricing. But for now, you need to know that the current sale means something. It is not the hollow bait of major retailers. If you had a custom rug in mind, take advantage of this rare and meaningful opportunity. The way that our rugs are made is true to the traditional centuries-old methods. We skip no steps in the creation — all aspects of the process are done by hand, with no automation at all. This is the major difference between rugs made by us in Morocco, and rugs made in India, just for example. The weavers go through a labor intensive process, whereby each strand of the pile is fitted and knotted by hand. Once the rug comes off the loom, it is put through an intensive wash process to soften and refine the wool. The last step is for the rug to dry in the Moroccan sun.
You may not have known it, but The Gardener's House has been featured in Vogue Magazine and Elle Decor and we have worked with some of the top blogs including Sf Girl and Design Love Fest. CHLOÉ the French couture label and ELLE UK visited The Gardener's House this past Spring! We're excited to present to you the CHLOÉ Nomade promotional video that was shot using one of our rooms at The Gardener's House Bed & Breakfast as a backdrop for some inspired travel in Marrakesh, Morocco. View the CHLOÉ video here! >
Formerly known by the name Pink Rug Co., we offer chic vintage Moroccan rugs that conform to the sleek minimalist style that ruled during the mid-20th century. And now we also specialize in the sumptuous vintage-washed custom Beni Ourain - a stunning example of the style, talent and creative forces of weavers perched on a rolling hill in the Beni Ourain mountains. Modern, timeless and joyfully abstract, our hand-selected collection of Boucherouite and definitive custom Beni Ourain embody the luxurious minimalist style that made regional rugs prized design accessories with Le Corbusier and the modernists.

 I love Moroccan rugs. I am continually amazed by how a canvas with such subtle pattern can say so much. Each one has such a surprising personality. They are so versatile. They add that touch graphic glamour to any room you put them in.

A Beni Ourain rug is a forever investment in your home. They are plush and cozy and soft. If you have one, your feet love you. The first time I ever saw a Beni Ourain, my thoughts were, I need this rug. I started seeing Beni Ourain rugs everywhere.  They are a style classic, here to stay. The Beni Ourain makes a statement, and helps to ground a space. The neutral color palette works equally well in minimalism or maximalism, bold or soft room designs.

This may explain why so many major home retailers think nothing of stealing the tradition of an entire culture - although nothing in American or European history says the Beni Ourain’s motif and color scheme originated in any place other than Morocco. And all of these major home fashion retailers make no attempt to produce their rugs in Morocco - all Moroccan rug fakes are made in India or China. Very rarely are they made in Turkey, because Turkish labor costs are much higher than in India and China where factories that use child and prison labor are as common as air.

A bit of history on the Beni Ourain reveals that traditional Beni Ourain rugs were woven to mimic the warmth of sheep pelts, but were created specifically as beds for nomadic sheep herders. As beds and bedcovers, their width has been always determined directly by the length of a human body. Two people would lie on the rug widthwise + cover themselves with the second part of the rug. The proportion of the folded rug resembles that of a double bed.

When you look at the landscape of the Beni Ourain mountains, you find a lot of white craggy rock, a wilderness of snow and stone with the occasion meandering stream. Beni Ourain rugs feature abstract linear patterns, defined by a design in dark natural undyed wool on a field of white.




March 12, 2019 by Amber El-Amin