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CUSTOM SIZE RUGS. We now offer a selection of custom size rugs in wider widths. Larger and specific sizes can be purchased by messaging us with your final rug style choice. We will add your chosen size to the listing. The new choice of sizes includes widths up to 13' and lengths up to 15'. If you don't see your preferred size mentioned here, or in a listing, just let us know and we can make it available for your rug of choice.  

 A CUSTOM COPY. Did you see a rug you love but it was sold? or was way out of your budget range? Want Jenna Lyons's set of Moroccan rugs? Just send us the photo and we'll have it made. Your custom listing can be created in minutes. And know that, when you buy a custom rug from us, real Moroccan women - living in present times - earn a living from their own traditions. Don't get your copy from corporate machines that steal the traditions of a culture only to have them made more cheaply - in another country.

Question to ask yourself: Why would you want a Beni Ourain made in India? That's exactly where each of the major home fashion retailers who steal the Moroccan rug tradition are making their rugs. Why buy a Moroccan-inspired rug made in India when you can buy a Moroccan rug made in Morocco?


Some retailers have begun offering hand knotted rugs for a mass-produced price. This should indicate to you that child or prison labor was used - if a rug is made in India, China, or Bangladesh, you can be certain that it is one of the two. Be sure to ask that major home retailer which country the rug was made in, and whether the frame-stretched fabric backing was machine made. "The True Cost" is a groundbreaking documentary detailing precisely these practices. By contrast, our rugs are hand made from start to finish by Moroccan women village women, well over legal age, who are skilled in the traditions of their own culture and are a paid fair trade amount for each unique piece. 

GALLERY DESIGNS. Looking for a rug that is out of this world spectacular? Something that could very well be found hung at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Tate Gallery in London? We have collected a library of our favorite vintage rug images from around the web. These rugs have been sold or are selling for astronomical prices at some of the largest international rug houses. The images are not ours to publish. But you can make your selection from among them, and we can make for you a gorgeous copy of any one of these vintage masterpieces. 

The Saturated Color Collection

A plush pile in a custom size.

We now offer custom Beni Ourain rugs handwoven at the foot of the Beni Ourain mountains. You don't have to buy a knock-off made in China, India, or Turkey (as sold by all famous brand retailers, who have consciously chosen to steal the traditions of an entire culture and have them machine made - in another country. This is as apathetic as the corporate machine can get). You can find your custom size right here at The Gardener's House, Marrakesh. When you buy a custom rug from us, real Moroccan village women earn a living from their own traditions. 

A Beni Ourain rug to add warmth and comfort to your space. You can choose your ideal size in a plush, custom crafted Beni Ourain rug inspired by and modeled directly on a vintage one. Your lovely shaggy wool carpet will be hand-woven especially to your size selection after you make purchase. Widths of 8 feet and above can be purchased by messaging us with your final rug style choice, and we will add your chosen size to the listing. 

We offer chic vintage Moroccan rugs that conform to the sleek minimalist style that ruled during the mid-20th century. And we also specialize in the sumptuous vintage-washed custom Beni Ourain - a stunning example of the style, talent and creative forces of weavers perched on a rolling hill in the Beni Ourain mountains. Modern, timeless and joyfully abstract, our hand-selected collection of Boucherouite and definitive custom Beni Ourain embody the luxurious minimalist style that made regional rugs prized design accessories with Le Corbusier and the modernists.

The Beni Ourain is a stylistic paradox, with striking designs that are both ancient yet ageless. The eccentric crisscrossing of detail lines play out against an ivory field and infuse the Beni Ourain rug with energy and character. Selective design and sparse composition highlight the natural beauty of the luscious fleecy ground, and make the Beni Ourain a perfect design complement to Mid Century Modern and minimalist style.

Custom Beni Ourain Rugs. Hand knotted in the Beni Ourain Mountains.